Words by Gatesy, Hugo + Nico

DAMSELS only formed towards the end of 2016 but in the short space of time since then, they have won over a legion of loyal fans with their raw alternative/indie sound and have played huge shows in both Liverpool and Manchester. The band has already made an impression on the Liverpool music scene, recently supporting Scottish outfit Neon Waltz at Liverpool's Buyers Club. With the future looking bright for the band, we caught up with them on some of life’s more important issues...

Image: Gary Coughlan

Which song made you want to start a band?

Greg: Rock & Roll Star by Oasis

Will: Iron Man by Black Sabbath

Gibbo: Voodoo Child (Slight Return)

First album bought?

Greg: Arctic Monkeys – Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not or Razorlight – Razorlight

Will: Gorillaz – Demon Days

Gibbo: Clubland [laughs]

Biggest non-musical inspiration?

Greg: Day to day situations. I'd love to say art or poetry but I'm really quite bland

Will: Homer Simpson for me

Gibbo: Pope John Paul the 2nd - he did some lovely sermons and I've heard he always served nice butties to his staff

Guilty pleasure?

Greg: I love a bit of Bieber or One Direction. I also won't have a bad word said about Robbie Williams. Little mix [laughs] I have more guilty pleasures than acceptable ones...

Will: Maroon 5, easily one of the most underrated bands ever

Gibbo: Bit of Shawn Mendes there...

Any band rituals?


Will: Nah

Gibbo: Well, except Icelandic throat singing…


Greg: I outgrew pea head... 'neggo greggo' for my extremely pessimistic outlook on life

Will: Does Gibbo count?

Favourite Pizza topping?

Greg: Easiest question of the day...


Describe your sound without using 'Alternative' 'Indie' and 'Rock'


Will: Really heavy festival tunes

Gibbo: Explosive mate

What's next for DAMSELS?

Greg: Festival slots is the next short term aim for us and maybe release a solid EP

Gibbo: Gigs & recording & world domination

Will: Finding a bloody drummer

Biggest gig to date?

Gibbo: MANNY

Greg:  Manchester academy was the biggest for us getting out of Liverpool, but we’ve been lucky to play on some great bills already since forming just a year ago

Which band member is most likely to end up behind bars?

Greg: Me. Not for anything major, probably for not paying my TV licence or something. Gibbo's got a mean streak though

Will: Yeah, Gibbo for his kettle-related antics

Gibbo: None of us, we're a nice gang of lads and I've seen The Shawshank Redemption

Favourite Spice Girl?

Will: Ginger Spice gwed

Greg: Ginger Spice was possibly the first female I ever fancied. I'm also waiting ‘til we play Glastonbury to front the stage in her Union Jack dress.

Gibbo: Posh Spice for me, classy

Barbie or Ken?

Greg: Ken, I’m jealous of his hairline

Gibbo: Yeah, ken for those killer Hawaiian shirts mate

Will: Action Man