Foster The People // Somerset House, London - 13/07/17

Words by Emma // @emmasuraya

  • Fresh new sound from LA group, Foster The People, after 3 years in the studio
  • Front man Mark Foster's vocals did not cease to amaze the crowd
  • The band played against a spectrum of colour, and neon script reading 'Sacred Hearts Club'
  • The lyrics of songs, both new and old, framed their discussion of difference and acceptance perfectly

Thursday night saw the energetic return of Foster The People to London's open-air Somerset House. It's been three whole years since the band have given us anything new, but having recently announced the release of their third album, Sacred Hearts Club, they strutted on stage with an unwavering sense  of passion and professionalism. These kids are in no way new to the game. 

Image: Kenny Laubbacher // @kennyjamez

Image: Kenny Laubbacher // @kennyjamez

After dealing with the somewhat unexpected intensity of opener 'Loyal Like Sid & Nancy', we were led into a set showcasing equal parts new and nostalgia. The band's latest release 'Sit Next To Me', slid effortlessly into the mix, and received a response as positive as early tracks like 'Miss You' and, of course, 'Pumped Up Kicks'. Whilst it appears that several others from the new album will take a little more getting used too, with notably heavier vocals and a sharper beat, the band truly proved they can do more than 'that one song from FIFA'.

Frontman Mark Foster commanded the crowd with ease throughout; treating us to a slick set of dance moves under the neon, as if his impressive vocals weren't enough. He truly owned it. As we approached the midpoint of the set, he paused to frame 2014 single 'Coming Of Age' with some touching words on world divides - "Life's hard enough without having people push you down. The things that make you different make you beautiful" - and the crowd swelled in agreement.

Maybe it was the swirling spectrum of lights or the anticipation of the new record, but the spirit of the set was definitely charged with something special. A little electricity that captured everything we love about Foster The People and kept us dancing until the July sky turned black.