Words by Tom Hughes // @tomhughes17

  • ‘How Soon the Dawn’ released as first track from Jake Bugg’s new album – ‘Hearts That Strain'
  • Full album - ‘Hearts That Strain’ set to release on September 1st
  • A more chilled out, acoustic vibe
  • Acoustic Tour to follow record's release

‘How Soon the Dawn’ is released as the first track on Jake Bugg's upcoming album ‘Hearts That Strain’ with tracks such as ‘Waiting’ and Southern Rain’ also awaiting release. Clifton’s finest 23 year-old seems to have brought only his acoustic guitar to the studio for ‘How Soon the Dawn’ and a new gleaming, laid-back vibe

A perfect contrast to the heavy, rock ’n’ roll outburst from first album 'Jake Bugg’ and ‘Shangri La’, ‘How Soon the Dawn’ teases nostalgic, dream-like love songs with a slow, shoulder swaying rhythm.

Jake Bugg. Image: Getty.

Jake Bugg. Image: Getty.

The music video accompanying the release for ‘How Soon the Dawn’ depicts a Jake in a much more casual setting, under a blanket whilst donning a pair of shades and the aforementioned acoustic guitar. Perhaps it's his smile (rare, we know!) which really affirms his gradual transcendence to a relaxed, more melodic artist.

It may be down to the fact ‘Hearts That Strain’, as well as ‘On My One’ were predominantly written by Bugg himself which has resulted in this more chilled out vibe. With previous album producers Ian Archer and Rick Rubin (‘Jake Bugg’, ‘Shangri La’) apparently taking a back seat, could this be for better or worse? Is this the first taste of a refreshing alternative? Or could this be the Lilt to Bugg's Diet Coke?

Jake Bugg is set to release his new album on September 1st, with tickets on sale now for his upcoming acoustic tour.