• 'This Moment' is a track performed, co-written and co-produced by Stockport Indie-Pop band Blossoms and drum and bass duo Chase and Status
  • The track itself isn't so hot, but it's still a pretty cool collab
  • Save yourself some time and whack 'No More Idols' on if you're a diehard Chase and Status fan

Words by Gatesy

If we’re being honest, a Blossoms/Chase and Status collab was probably the last thing on most of our minds when gearing up for another week of the rat race.

Listening to ‘This Moment’ for the third, then fourth time in a row, it’s hard to shake the feeling you get when trying Coca cola’s latest flavour; it’s okay, but you’ll probably just stick to Diet Coke as per. In essence, messrs Kennard and Milton (Chase and Status) seem to have mainly traded-in their classic drum and bass beat celebrated in the likes of ‘No Problem’, ‘Pieces’ and the ever loved ‘End Credits’, in favour of the indie-pop ballad pace of the Stockport lads.


With Blossoms’ Tom Ogden leading things vocally, the track naturally takes on a more Blossoms-y feel – with Chase and Status in the back seat. A few familiar synth sounds remind the listener that the duo are still in tow, but for the most part it’s Ogden ft Chase and Status, not vice versa. It’s a shame, since Chase and Status have ridden collaboration so well time and time again, particularly with artists you’d never expected them to.

In this case, the partnership works best on paper, whilst the track itself comes across as pretty lukewarm. The venom and potent angst of past Chase and Status just isn’t there, and frankly Blossoms are about as stern as Nick Clegg.

For now, I reckon I’ll go and stick 'No More Idols' on for a bit.