• The Zanzibar is a 300 capacity venue based on Seel Street, Liverpool
  • It is a champion of the unsigned music scene and a right of passage for many
  • Countless bands have played there over the years including the likes of Noel Gallagher

Words by Hugo

You'll struggle to find a local Liverpool band who hasn't played the Zanzibar: a champion of unsigned music and a right of passage for many. Anyone who is remotely involved in the Liverpool music scene will know the influence that the venues long-time owner, Tony, has had in this.

Found on the familiar cobbles of Seel Street, in the heart of Liverpool's nightlife, the 300 cap. venue has held countless gigs over the years, including Noel Gallagher and local favourites such as The Coral, Miles Kane and The Zutons. More recently, the venue has joined forces with live events purveyors This Feeling to host a number of the most exciting rock 'n' roll bands across the country, proving that guitar music isn't dead after all.

With the much publicised closing of music venues across the country, the Zanzibar is sadly one of many classed as a dying breed. Its blue door and red bricks represent far more than the face of another grassroots venue; the 'Zanzi' serves as a reminder of the important roles that those venues play, in giving unsigned bands their own platform from which to grow. This is very much the core and key reason that we must continue to support them, whenever and however we can.