WTF? // Tupac Shakur Vs Notorious B.I.G

Words by Nico 

  • It's time to settle the beef once and for all
  • We decide who's got the best lyrics, best crew, & more
  • West Coast v East Coast

To be or not to be? What becomes of the broken hearted? Why do some people clap when the plane lands? These are some of questions that have plagued the human race since the dawn of time. However there is one that is perhaps the most contested of them all, particularly in the wake of the release of motion picture 'All Eyez on Me'. That question is 'Biggie or 2Pac?' 'Notorious or Shakur?' 'Big Poppa or Makaveli?'.

This West Coast / East Coast divide has separated families, lovers and middle class white kids all over the world since the mid nineties, so in textbook 'What The Funk?' style we've drawn up a head to head review of the hip hop legends:

Biggest ThugTupac Shakur

There would be no 'Thug Lyf' vines if it was not for this chap. Let that sink in. This guy pioneered the art of thuggery, so much so he felt compelled to tattoo the phrase on his torso. Winner.

Best Lyrics: Tupac Shakur

Tupac's social commentary, despite finding it hard to relate to being from suburban England, is still quite captivating and effective. Not that we don't enjoy BIG's insightful tales of smoking drugs and having illegitimate sex, that is.


Best Album: Notorious B.I.G - Ready to Die

Do you want some mash with those bangers, BIG? Not only does the album contain mega tunes, but the album cover features a baby with an Afro. Unbelievable scenes.

Fashion Sense: Notorious B.I.G

Although I'm pretty certain that Christpher 'Biggie smalls' Wallace shopped at Jacamo, he certainly pulled it off. Style to rival Johnny Vegas. Plus being topless does not count, it just looks daft. Sorry Tupac lad.

Most Physically Fit: Tupac Shakur

Biggie certainly ate his vegetables.. And the rest. Anybody with vision will vouch for this one.

Best Crew: Notorious B.I.G - Junior Mafia & Bad Boy Records

Diddy and co certainly had biggies back more than Suge knight and Death Row had Shakur's. Rumours even claim that Knight orchestrated Pac's death. Illuminati confirmed.

Best Role Model for Young Children: neither of the above

If you want to give your little one an introduction to hip hop, perhaps looks elsewhere. Recommended alternative: Lethal Bizzle

Score: Tupac Shakur 3-3 Notorious B.I.G

Well there you have it. You couldn't write that, could you - a draw. There seems to be nothing to separate the two; suppose it's down to personal preference, eh?

Apologies for this diplomatic and cliché article, we hope you don't feel as though you've wasted your time. Email complaints to